Sunday 27 May 2012

First Impressions by Carol Scott-Mchale (Principal)

When I arrived at Murtlala Mohammed Airport, last Sunday morning and was whisked away by the airport’s Protocol Service through immigration and customs, arranged by Mr Ogunsanya (Director) of Oxbridge Tutorial College, my high expectations of the colleges were sealed. I knew I had made the right choice to be the Principal of this outstanding and reputable institution.

As the gates opened into an oasis of a well maintained lawn with clean and bright buildings, my heart leapt with excitement, as I was taken for a tour around the classrooms which could rival that of any l have taught in the UK. With state-of-the-art equipment and with its well decorated and air-conditioned classrooms, I almost wanted to be a teenager again, just to experience what it would like to be a student here at Oxbridge Tutorial College.

I have always known of Oxbridge’s reputation. As the first Sixth Form College in the country, I can understand why it is sought after by many students who want to get a good post-16 education from its well-trained teachers. With the flux of activities I observed on my first day of work, I found myself emerged with the hustle and bustle of a thriving college - students walking to and fro lessons, teachers with smiles of enthusiasm, support staff organizing the administration of the college with military precision and the overall general warmth of the environment.

Oxbridge, is a an educational institution that’s professional, forward thinking but most of all caring. My first week here has been busy, but at the same time very exciting, I have met the staff on an individual basis and know that I am working with a fantastic group of people who are innovative and have made Oxbridge what it is today. I am relaxed, feel at home and look forward to the weeks ahead, where we can really raise the bar and maintain the standards of the college. We have some great study programs that we are introducing in September , so I will be doing all the necessary preparation, to ensure that our students have a good learning experience.

With a great future ahead, there is no doubt in my mind that it is a college that ‘walks the talk’. (I can’t wait until September when some of these plans come into fruition). Watch this space , the next few weeks ahead will reveal all - Will keep you all posted!

Carol Scott-Mchale




Monday 14 May 2012

University Education, A visa to a new me! By Enioluwafe ODENIYI

Ever since I was little, I have always seen university as a far away dream. It is somewhat surreal, but equally exciting, that in a matter of months this ‘distant dream’ will become a reality. This is the beginning of independence like I have never had before, where I begin to discover what it truly means to live and be in control of my life.

Everything that has preceded this can be seen as foreplay. The endless guidance, instructions, lessons and rules I know will be helpful. However, the time has come to let me live it. I often feel smothered and restricted. I anticipate the liberty to make my own decisions and to pursue my ambitions as I deem fit. I believe that university will open the door to freedom which in turn will create room for self discovery.

Starting university, especially in a totally new environment in which I am a stranger, may be scary, but it also creates the opportunity to reinvent myself. It will be easy to create a new reputation, since I am starting afresh amongst new people who have no judgments and expectations of me. This is a chance to create a new image and to be the person I have always wanted to be- a leader.

Like every other new chapter in life, my going to the university comes with its fears. Being in an entirely new country with a whole different culture may be hard to adapt to. Making new friends and learning how to relate with them, with their entirely different backgrounds could be quite challenging and somewhat intimidating. Feeling out of place seems to be my biggest fear as my mannerism and the good humour I presently think I have may not be understood. However, as with all other changes in life, one must learn to adapt.

University is where my life as an adult truly begins. Being an adult means I have to take responsibility for all my actions and decisions. I have the opportunity to be the person I am meant to be. There are many aspects of life left undiscovered due to the restrictions I have had. However, I see the start of university as the beginning of a world unknown.

Enioluwafe ODENIYI

Friday 11 May 2012

Dreams, Fears and Expectations by Toyosi ADEYEMI

“I can’t wait to leave this house and be independent!”

I cannot count how many times this sentence has gushed out of my mouth in the past year. Especially when my parents would come up with the popular statement, “You still live under my roof”. Every teenager looks forward to being on their own and being able to make their own decisions, without being told what to do by adults who simply ‘do not understand’.

Going to university is a great leap that takes courage, a virtue most teenagers are lacking. I get anxious about things, such as leaving my father’s house and stepping into my own world, where I have to take control of my own life. To be honest, being free from ‘Adult Control’ is something I look forward to with the whole of my heart, but thinking about the reality of it and all its implications is terrifying. Sometimes I get anxious, thinking “what if my future does not go the way I planned? What if I do not become as successful as I always dreamed I would? What if I never accomplish what I believe I was made for? What if I’m not where I am supposed to be? What if I make the wrong choices?”

Many of us face such fears and doubts everyday, which could kill our inspiration, but I am reassured that I will be all I was meant to be, as long as I remain connected to God and never lose sight of my dreams. Knowing that time is running out, and the clock is ticking, remembering that this is one of the most crucial decision making phases of my life.

The debates concerning what I want to become and who I am have become very frequent combatants in the battlefield of my mind. Most times teenagers get distracted by things that do not matter, losing sight of the most important thing we need to do now: self-discovery. Finding oneself is one of the most adventurous experiences one can go through, and in an age where identity is easily drowned in a crowd of confused voices , it has become a rare opportunity. Knowing who I am has helped me shape and define what I want to be and having parents who support whatever career I aspire to achieve, is one of the best gifts I could ask for.

The next step is choosing the right university. Being in the right place at the right time has everything to do with my future, but I know that my happiness should not depend on other people’s approval of me, because when that happens, I become a slave to their whims. I understand that with divine guidance from God, I have no worries about my choices.

It is easier said than done to fend for oneself in the world we live in. I have never done this before. It is a new thing to me. Nerve racking and scary. But I look forward to every bit of it. With support from family and friends, and God holding my hand, it should be nothing short of an amazing adventure.


Tuesday 8 May 2012

Changing tides at Oxbridge: Introducing our new Principal, Carol Scott-Mchale.

Carol Scott-Mchale, PGCE (Cons), MA, BA (Hons), Cert Ed (FE) 

Carol has over 20 years teaching experience in the secondary and post-16 sectors within the UK.

She initially trained as an ICT teacher and lecturer and has held several management positions leading teams to successfully improve the quality of teaching and learning from KS3 to GCSEs and A levels along with other vocational subjects. As an Education Consultant the breadth and depth of her experience is reflected in some of the projects she has undertaken, including working in an inner London Education Authority where she was responsible for improving ICT results across the borough, the Department for Education & National Strategies.

She has worked with the University of London’s Institute of Education and the Windsor Fellowship where she developing their Initial Teacher Education Programme for international teachers and carried out training at a Teacher Training College in Guyana, South America. She was featured in the Times Educational Supplement (2005), after implementing innovative teaching and learning strategies in classroom management and was approached by Head Teachers in neighbouring schools both secondary and primary to do the same in their establishments.

Carol was also responsible for leading a school to become a national success in the development of the UK’s Functional Skills programme and has been invited to be a keynote speaker at several national conferences where she describes how she was able to manage and co-ordinate this project successfully.

She has a wealth of experience and a sound understanding of some of the challenges faced by schools. Having been partly educated in Nigeria in her formative years, her intimate and local knowledge of the environment places her in a unique position where she can provide invaluable, leadership and management at Oxbridge. Currently she is applying to do her National Professional Qualification for Headship (NPQH).

During her spare time she enjoys, reading, travel, current affairs (particularly educational issues) and engaging in social activities. She enjoys sports and plays netball for a local team in London.

We look forward to welcoming Carol to the college in the coming weeks. 

Very exciting times :-)

Monday 7 May 2012

Oxbridge 2012 Graduation Ball

It was another success story on the 4th of May, 2012 as Oxbridge Tutorial College held its 2012 Graduation Ball. The event took place in the expansive Sheraton Hotel, Ikeja, Lagos with glitz and glamour akin to a Hollywood red carpet event.

The excitement of the occasion was in combining entertainment, with academics. There was no dull moment! With the popular SUGAR BAND supplying the music and the highly versatile and talented DJ Ozone on the turn-table it was something else! The event was anchored by the upcoming and hilarious comedian CY. Important dignitaries from parents to friends of the college were in attendance and witnessed the event.

Apart from the abundant supply of music that kept most people on the dance floor, it was also an occasion to reward students and members of staff for their academic achievements and contributions to the college. Prizes included iPads, android tablets, iPods, top of the range headphones and fashion watches.

There was also a fashion show, where some of our students modelled the couture of a popular designer, Taye to the admiration of all present. The best dressed male and female students were also chosen and duly rewarded with attractive gifts.

A former student, Mr. Ofili, was on hand to inspire the graduates sharing his own success story with the students. The President of the college Alumni, Mr. Wusu also seized the opportunity to welcome the students to the college alumni, stressing the benefits they would derive from belonging to the association as a guidance to help them in their careers.

Dancing continued and with a night marked by celebration and much to eat and drink. One could not but give kudos to the Managing Director, Dr. (Mrs.) C. O. Ogunsanya for initiating and supporting the ball and the trio of Ladun, Doyin and Titi for a well-organised ball.

Kunle Abrahams

Thursday 3 May 2012

Oxbridge Valedictory Service 2012

It was another glorious time as Oxbridge Tutorial College marked the end of another eventful academic year, in a valedictory/thanksgiving service at Archbishop Vining Memorial Anglican Church on the 3rd of May, 2012.

With an opening prayer by Rev. Agara, the service commenced in earnest. In an inspiring message entitled "Offer to God a Sacrifice of Praise" by Mrs.Morayo Fawehinmi, the imperativeness of ever being appreciative of every blessing of God was stressed. A series of prayers was later rendered by a student, a parent and a priest. 

It was time to dance in appreciation to God, as streams of stakeholders in the college, namely students, parents and members of staff danced enthusiastically to choruses.

In her closing remark, the Managing Director of the college Dr.(Mrs.) C.O. Ogunsanya had the privilege to appreciate God in a special song, especially for the safety of all our graduating students. While revealing that the college is 19 years this year, all to the glory of God, she thanked the members of staff and parents .

A programme that commenced at 10:10am, ended at 11: 55am with a closing hymn. Really, a day to remember.

We wish our graduating students a path paved with success, as they chart a new course in life.

Mr. K. Abrahams