Sunday 24 May 2015

Oxbridge Students Visit the Nigerian Stock Exchange

Students of the college, drawn mainly from the NCUK IFY class, as part of the Student Enrichment Initiative of the college, visited the Nigerian Stock Exchange on the 18th of May, 2015. A team of 8 students and two lecturers, Mrs. Adeniji and Mr. Alder made the visit. Apart from re-enforcing the topic in the students’ syllabus (Public Limit Company and Sources of Finance) the visit is also meant to make the students understand the importance of Stock Market as a major source of finance for companies, via selling of shares, where individuals can trade on the floor of the stock market and raise funds in form of bonds and treasury bills.

We were taken by a representative of the SEC, Mr. Joseph Kadiri, round the different departments of the institution. Before this, he had introduced us to the operation of the institution, especially the history, process procedure and structure. He explained the misconception that the NSE is owned by the Federal Government. Rather, he enlightened us that NSE was actually established by private individuals and other financial institutions, who foresaw the imperativeness of raising funds for medium and long term financing.

Thereafter, a stock broker was called to speak to us about the intricate workings of the stock exchange through issues such as structure, training, and certification. We had ample opportunity to ask questions on various issues pertaining to the working of the institution. Finally, we were taken to the floor of Stock market to have a first-hand view and experience of how the market operates.

By the end of our visit, Mr. Joseph invited the school to send a student representative on the 27th of May to join other students  in closing of the Stock market session.


Oxbridge Students Visit the Nigerian Stock Exchange

Friday 22 May 2015

What you get at Summer School

smiling boyWe have described, in our last blog, how our Oxbridge Summer School subject masterclasses will stretch students and give them a flavour of university level studies in a fun and stimulating environment. These will run as two one and a half hour classes each morning and afternoon. Alongside these, students (in their subject groupings) will rotate round five study skills classes across the five days of Summer School.  These classes will cover critical thinking; speed-reading; researching; lecture note-taking; public speaking/presentation skills; and debating.  The aim is to bridge the gap between A-level and university studies.

At the end of the day, Insight Education will run a taster programme of the Oxbridge Mentoring scheme, which is our tried and tested programme of preparation for entry into the top UK universities. These sessions will include presentations to introduce the Russell Group and Oxford & Cambridge universities; UCAS brainstorming; role plays to improve interview technique; and understanding how to make strategic university choices.  Friday will end with peer group interviews and submission of UCAS statements for Insight Education to review over the summer.

The Summer School will end on Saturday with a “Showcase Event” involving parents and other guests to present outcome of students’ work from their week at Summer School.  There will be Young Enterprise presentations judged by panel of professionals, and an exhibition to judge computer generated art work.

For updates, follow this weekly blog on the Oxbridge Summer School. Please also visit OTC’s webpage for further background on the Oxbridge Summer School and to register your child. Spaces are limited so register your child ASAP to secure a place. If you have any questions, you can also email us at

What you get at Summer School

Tuesday 19 May 2015

Oxbridge Dream Team 2 Wallops Global College

The college soccer team fondly called, Dream Team 2, lived up to its intimidating soccer reputation by thrashing the Global College, Ikoyi, Lagos Soccer Team by two goals to nothing on the 14th of May, 2015.


The match which was played on the soccer pitch of the Italian School, Ikoyi drew a sizable number of spectators, who came to witness what was expected to be an epic battle between two great teams. Though with few practices under its belt, the Oxbridge team which drew inspiration from its Technical Adviser, Ayo Oyenekan, who tactically organised the boys with his timely changes as the game commenced, played with all determination.

It was no goal to both teams in the first half, but the story changed in the second half when the highly enterprising Abdumalik headed home a goal from a cross by Anene Samuel. This infuriated the opposing team, who put up more spirited effort to equalise, but they got another shocker with a stinker of a long-range shot from Mikky Okilo, which caught the Global goalkeeper napping. With more strategic and tactical changes, Oxbridge team ensured all intrusive shots were effectively repelled. This continued until the referee blew the whistle to bring the match to an end. Kudos to the Oxbridge team that played as if their lives depended on the match.

Team: Francis Elechi,Stephan Oliseh,Udochi James,Anene Samuel,Fuad Adegbule,Malik Olamide,Uzor Nlemgbo,Ayo Folorunsho,Timilehin Bello,Njoku Sonto,Akwa James,Seun Akinkunmi,Miki Okilo,Dami Ladipo,Agba Jackson,Gbadebo Giwa,Tola Olasoji,Fadil Gbajumo,Yusuf Yusuf,Enobina Vincent.Technical Adviser-Ayo Oyenekan /Team Manager-Kunle Abrahams

Oxbridge Dream Team 2 Wallops Global College

Sunday 10 May 2015

Oxbridge Dreams

Leading sixth form Oxbridge Tutoring College (OTC) in Lagos has signed a partnership agreement with London-based educational advice service Insight Education to raise aspirations among its pupils to apply to Oxford and Cambridge (“Oxbridge” means both in the UK), and other top UK universities.

While access to general UK universities is fairly well established in Nigeria, there is much less provision for access to the Russell Group (the top association of 24 prestigious British public research universities) and particularly Oxford and Cambridge. In 2014 only 2 from 132 Nigerian applicants were accepted to study at Oxford and none have been recorded for Cambridge since 2013. OTC will change that through running Insight Education’s OMS in-house and running its first Oxbridge Summer School this summer (3-8 August).

OTC aims to be THE centre of excellence in raising the aspirations of Nigerian students and develop the country’s leaders of the future. The Oxbridge Mentoring Scheme (OMS) is the brainchild of Oxford-educated Joyce Connell, Director of Insight Education.  She has built a track-record of helping students secure places at Oxford and Cambridge universities from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic backgrounds and those without a family history of studying there. Director Joyce Connell says that “At its heart, our approach is simple. Our OMS tutors stretch students beyond the school curriculum, nurture informed opinions, hone essay writing technique, and teach critical thinking and creative problem-solving. We’re looking forward to piloting our approach through Oxbridge Tutoring College.”

Oxbridge Dreams

Wednesday 6 May 2015

Nick Waite of Bellerbys College Cambridge visits Oxbridge

Mr. Nick Waite, principal of Bellerbys College Cambridge, made a much appreciated visit to Oxbridge Tutorial College last week. The relationship between Oxbridge and Bellerbys kicked of in 2013 when we recognised the difficulty faced by many local students wanting to gain admission to the top medical schools in the UK. As a home student in the UK bagging one of these coveted spots is a difficult task. Multiply that ten fold if you’re an international student! Having identified Bellerbys as a premium institution with similar goals and objectives as Oxbridge we created the first of our Medical Pathway programmes (MP1) aimed at the strongest and brightest students. (This has recently been complemented with our Medical Pathway 2 programme, in collaboration with DIFC in Ireland, offering students with more varied abilities the opportunity to study medicine in a broader range of institutions).


On the day, Mr. Waite, along with two members of their local team (Mrs. Yetunde Perraire and Mrs. Adedayo), took part in our Valedictory Service followed by a session with our MP1 students and some of their parents.

Mr Waite took the time to speak to his audience about:

  • The UCAS Personal Statement.

  • The Job Shadow scheme.

  • The UKCAT and BMAT tests.

  • Extra curricular activities at Bellerbys.

  • Application choices.

  • Scholarship offers.

For intending Medical students, Mr Waite elaborated on how the UCAS Personal Statement must be robust and must showcase other sterling qualities and achievements of the students with work placement activities.

What’s next for the MP1 students? They’ve got a 2 week work placement at The Royal Sussex County Hospital in Brighton at the end of the summer! It’s going to be a very exciting, informative and rewarding experience that we’ve managed to organise in house :)

Many thanks for taking the time to visit and we look forward to hosting you again :) Mr. Waite.

Interested in studying medicine? Get in touch (Call 0802 133 2170 or email and find out more about our MP1 and MP2 programmes.

Nick Waite of Bellerbys College Cambridge visits Oxbridge

Tuesday 5 May 2015

Dr.Terry Cousens of the University of Leeds Visits us

At Oxbridge we work hard to expand our network of partner universities. We always find it extremely satisfying and rewarding when a delegate of one of these institutions visits in person. It gives us the opportunity to put faces to names and the students the opportunity to be inquisitive and grow from what they learn and the overall experience.

The 27th of May, 2015 was the most recent of these exciting and educative times.  Dr.Terry Cousens and his team from the University of Leeds, UK visited the college.


Dr.Cousens from the Department of Civil Engineering, enlightened the students on the educational possibilities not only in his university, but also in the UK generally. Incidentally, about 1o Oxbridge alumni are currently studying in University of Leeds and some of them the related their experiences via a video shown by the visiting team. It is of note that University of Leeds is also part of the NCUK that has a partnership with OTC.

Stay tuned! We have upcoming visits from Nick Waite of Bellerby College (OTC Medical Pathway 1) and Ray Halpin of DIFC (OTC Medical Pathway 2). Interested in undertaking one of our Medical Pathways? Perfect opportunity to ask questions and meet the people involved in making these programmes possible. Get in touch and visit us!

Dr.Terry Cousens of the University of Leeds Visits us

Monday 4 May 2015


‘Go in this your Might’, was the theme of the 2014/2015 Valedictory Service of 30th April, 2015. This encapsulated all the activities that marked the event, where we students were sent forth into the world by the college. There were prayers from priests, exhortations from parents and a jolly time to bid farewell to friends. A major highlight of the day was the closing remark by the Managing Director of OTC, Dr.(Mrs.) C. O. Ogunsanya who reeled out the things that made the 2014/2015 set a unique one not least of which were the various life-changing programmes we have been privileged to experience at the college. We now know, we are more than equipped to face the world.