Thursday 26 June 2014

NCUK Delegates visit Lagos

In a drive to raise awareness and increase the reach of the various NCUK programmes, senior delegates from the NCUK in Manchester visited Lagos and participated in several events across the city.


 One of the key topics of conversation was the launch of the NCUK International Diploma at the Oxbridge Academy in September. With the acquisition of a new site, recruitment of high caliber staff and finalising of systems and processes, we’re all very excited to get the new programme underway :)

NCUK Delegates visit Lagos

Tuesday 24 June 2014

Oxbridge donates to Lasuth

In what has become a healthy culture of imbibing compassion and giving back to our community, students of the college, under the auspices of Humanitarian Club, visited the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital, of June, 2014.

A group of students and some members of staff didn’t go empty-handed, but with drugs, food stuffs and other provisions to alleviate the plight of the less- privileged and the indigent in the hospital. The donation was specifically given to the HIV/AIDs section of the hospital. It is must noted that the funds for the donation were raised by both students and staff of the college.

Dr. (Mrs) Ibitoye, a consultant paediatrician, and Dr. (Mrs) Akinwumi, the head of the Paediatrics Section of the teaching hospital, received the visiting students and some members of staff led by Mr. P. O. Adeleke. In a formal, short presentation, the students had a rare opportunity to interact with the medical personnel, who gave professional advice to some of the students that may want to pursue medical careers.

The team was subsequently conducted round the wards of the hospital by the Chief Matron. The reality of many sick children barely hanging on to life left an indelible mark on the students and they truly realised the virtue of doing something no matter how small.

Oxbridge donates to Lasuth

Tuesday 17 June 2014


Oxbridge Tutorial College showed once again, why it is often referred to as the premier sixth form college, by virtue of its ingenuity and innovativeness, when it hosted all members of staff and college Advisory Board to a retreat; the first of its kind for the college on the 14th June, 2014 in Amber Residence, Ikeja GRA Ikeja. The gathering was privileged to have the Managing Director, Dr (Mrs.) C. O. Ogunsanya, the Principal Of the college, Ms. Carol Scott and the Chairman of the Advisory Board, Mr. Tope Toogun in attendance. Other members of board in attendance are Mrs. Tomori, Dr. Shadare and Prince Oyewumi.




The hostess of the event, Dr. (Mrs.) C. O. Ogunsanya in her opening address clearly set the tone for the gathering by clearly defining its purpose, which is to create an ambiance outside the college, where members of staff and members of the Advisory Board could meet minds on ways to move the college forward. This is aptly captured in the theme of the retreat, ‘Lowering the Waters’. The erudite main speaker of the day, Dr. Shadare held everybody spell-bound as he explored the imperativeness of change not only in the work- place, but also in every area of human endeavours. The Principal, Ms. Scott whose session came after the lunch break brought some level of application to Dr. Shadare’s presentation, by giving the participants ample opportunity to discuss some of the salient issues raised. The Chairman of the advisory Board, Mr.Tope Toogun as a peroration, enjoined the participants to not only appreciate the Retreat for its face-value, but how it could become everyday culture of all participants.

Dr. Ogunsanya’s reminder of the college’s motto DO WELL AND EXCEL impeccably sums up the main nugget of the Retreat, in that when an individual does things WELL, this ultimately translates to EXCELLENCE, not only in the work-place, but also in all areas of one’s life.