Monday 23 July 2012

Oxbridge Staff Summer Barbecue

All work and no play…(complete the dictum!)

That was what the entire Oxbridge Tutorial College family put to the test on the 13th of July at a Summer Barbecue for all members of staff. In a relaxed and fun-filled ambiance, ties, markers and boards were set aside, everybody was out to have a swell time! We were not disappointed! Little time for talking :-) there was too much dancing and eating going on! 

We work REAL HARD, but we also PARTY REAL HARD! Thumbs up to everyone for a wonderful school year and we look forward to the 2012/2013 academic year.

Monday 9 July 2012

Mr. John Rushton of Bellerbys College UK visits Oxbridge

In our never ending pursuit of quality international relationships and in furtherance of the educational partnership between Oxbridge College and Bellerbys College, Mr. John Rushton, principal of the Cambridge Campus, was a guest of the college on the 3rd of July 2012. It was an opportunity for John to meet and interact with prospective parents on a programme that is fast gaining popularity and acceptance. DO YOU WANT TO STUDY MEDICINE AT ONE OF THE UK'S TOP MEDICAL SCHOOLS? THIS IS SURELY YOUR BEST BET.


Sunday 8 July 2012

"Back To School", training week for Oxbridge Staff

It was a week of ‘back to the classroom’ for the members of staff of the college, as we were taken through a week-long, in-house training programme, where facilitators both within and outside the college delivered papers on varying educationally stimulating topics. They ranged from Customer Service Training, Effective Classroom Management, Behaviour for Learning-Handling Difficult Students, Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning, Adding Value to Work Place, Pastoral Care-Roles and Responsibilities to Motivational Skills for Students and lecturers. The Managing Director, Dr. (Mrs.) C.O Ogunsanya opening theme set the tone; a tone of Transformation and Family spirit which the members of staff were exhorted to imbibe.