Sunday 27 October 2013

Our New Catering Facilities by Mrs. Adekanye

The idea of upgrading the kitchen was conceived in order to improve the efficiency of the Kitchen operation.

Before now, food preparation was done using the old, traditional kitchen setting where the food was prepared outside the kitchen with the wash up area beside it.  This affected the effectiveness and efficiency of kitchen staff productivity.


The new kitchen has resolved the major problems, giving rise to these innovations.

  1.  Cooking is now being  done inside the kitchen as against the former open air operation of the past, which has helped in reducing  the stress and aiding efficiency.

  2. It has also  enhanced high standard of hygiene.

  3. Installation of electric oven has equally  helped in making our food output to always emerge with some finesse and quality.

  4. With the kitchen hood and big extractor in place, the heat experienced in the old kitchen has been eliminated.


Above all, the new kitchen (fondly referred to as e-kitchen) is a delight :-)  to  all eyes and speaks volume of the importance that OXBRIDGE College attaches to providing conducive working environment for its staff, but also always striving to give our students the best, as it is obtained globally.

Mrs.  T. T.  Adekanye

College Catering Officer

Our New Catering Facilities by Mrs. Adekanye

Tuesday 22 October 2013

Oxbridge Intranet goes live!

Very excited to announce that we have a brand spanking new intranet running at Oxbridge! The aim is to facilitate communication between students, teachers and other members of staff.

The intranet is purely internal so can not be accessed from outside the college. The new system also integrates well with the Samsung tablets each student has been given and the improved wifi network within the college.

There are all sorts of interesting capabilities to the system and we’re all really keen to see the innovative ways it used to aid learning and cement a cohesive sense of community within the school.

Here’s a little snapshop of the system in action!


Oxbridge Intranet goes live!

Saturday 19 October 2013

Change.. by Osuya. O. Rosemary

As we start our Sunday here’s a piece by one of our students that provokes thought and contemplation:


Everyone desires a change in life, school, place of work and the world at large, which is a good thing but,  we fail to realise that change has got to start from every individual. According to Mahatma Gandhi ‘we must be the change we wish to see in the world’.

Some students or teenagers find it such a pleasure to play on the intelligence of their parents or teachers or adults, doing same to their colleagues or those they are older than.The funny thing is… these same people are so prompt to detect and criticise others in higher positions who do the same thing they do. They call them cheats and say they are corrupt. Sorry to say, but you are no better than these people they are condemning.

Some people cheat during test or exams. Others steal people’s stuffs and you claim you are “keeping it for the person”. Sorry to shock you, but you are no better than those who are behind bars, no matter how “small” you think it is.

Every criminal you see out there started practising knowingly or unknowingly at a stage of their lives with these things you tag “normal” or “small”. And if care is not taken you might end up being like them or worse.

We all know the difference between white and black as well as good and bad or right and wrong, we need to shake off those habits or traits that make us stink. We are the leaders of this generation; it is no longer “leaders of tomorrow”; that tomorrow has come, so wake up and set your acts right.

Having all A*s doesn’t count if you are nothing to write home about morally. Learn to live a life of balance.





Osuya. O. Rosemary

Change.. by Osuya. O. Rosemary

Wednesday 16 October 2013

2013 SRC Elections

No matter how small a community is, it has a leader to voice out its opinions, just like a democratic government and so Oxbridge Tutorial College gave this chance to her students in voting for their representatives at the Students’ Representative Council.

Now before elections, there are campaigns and manifestoes. Nominees for the SRC had their manifestoes read out to the students in the hall. Although some came out unprepared, they still wowed the students with the few words they said.

The opening prayer began with Mr Oloowokeere. Mr Dada gave a brief speech about how the manifesto was going to go. Each tutor group was entitled to 1 representative from whom the students would choose if they impressed them with their manifestos. Each tutor group had about 4 nominees.


IFY Business and Law

The nominees included Seun, Omolara, Uzoma and Nsikan Seun started off with saying we need to struggle for student unity. He talked about organisation of competitions saying he would always listen to student opinions.

Omolara told the students that she would be the best person to voice out the opinions of students. She wants to be the medium between the school and the students. She kept on emphasizing on the fact that change is necessary and she would consider every suggestion, while trying to make Oxbridge a more pleasant place.

Uzoma believes that the students want change as he asked them, to which they all shouted yes with all enthusiasm. So he replied them by saying “Vote for me” and the statement alone earned him enough claps and roars from the audience

Nsikan wants to make things better for the school and the hostel. Even though she came unprepared, she had a very outstanding speech to tell the audience.

IFY Science and Engineering

Onome told the students about how she believes all students should have a voice in relation to education. She wants to ensure all students are involved in fair decisions. She’s open to criticisms which are very essential in a leader and also devoted.

Carlton had a PowerPoint presentation set up for the students. He said his achievements and why he will be suitable as a representative. He talked about the organisation of parties and charity events. He is currently planning an organisation called “The Children of Syrian Foundation”.

AS Arts

Tracy wants to make many changes that the students will be proud of even after they graduate.

Babatunde wants to organise parties. He told the students that he would make sure he does the best he could even though he wasn’t promising anything.

Jessica wants the students to vote for her as she thinks they deserve a change. She wants to organise fundraisers and social events.

AS Science

Ore just gave a simple speech saying “Vote for me for change”.

Valerie’s manifesto was very exquisite. She first told the students to please have a minute of silence for the people in Lagos plane crash. After that, she conveyed what a great a leader she is. She told the students that they can trust her to take the demands seriously.

Emmanuel talked about food and Wi-Fi and other student complaints. He is really concerned with what really matters. He offered the school to start teaching psychology as a subject. He wants to make sure all requests are answered.

Yusuf believes that the students should be free to set up ideas. He wants to be able to meet them personally. He also wants to provide justness.

AA & A2

Chidera wowed the crowd with his magnificent speech by saying one of many things. He says he will do what the students want him to do. He also said that he’s not saying he’s better than he’s competitors, but what really matters is what they are willing to offer so the students should vote for me.

Ofunere believes that she’s here to enter the council and she’s going to listen to what everyone says.

Zaenab said that because it’s going to be an amazing year, amazing changes will take place if the students vote for her

Last but not the least was Moyin who also gave a PowerPoint presentation illuminating facts like his principle of  Y.O.L.O- You Only Live Once so make an impact. He wants to make the best transition from youth to adulthood.

After the manifestos, the students went to different polling stations with polling agents as teachers according to their tutor group to vote for their selected candidate from the manifestos they witnessed.


Maduagwu Chidera (AA), Soyemi Zainab (A2), Nsa Ekpeyong Emmanuel (AS Science), Esu Tracy (AS Arts),Onedo Onome (IFY Sci & Engr.), Nlemigbo Uzoma (IFY Business/Humanities), Shodeko Ibrahim (Boys’Residence),Kadiri Farida (Girls’Residence), Sports (Ayoola Carlton).

By Tosin Salau


2013 SRC Elections

Thursday 10 October 2013

September Birthdays at Oxbridge :-)

In what has become a tradition at the college, a birthday get-together was arranged for students born in the month of September. Some lecturers whose birthday falls into the month also joined in the celebrations. Age before beauty ;-) ??!!

We wish you all more bountiful years ahead.



September Birthdays at Oxbridge :-)