Sunday 29 April 2012

Changing Tides: We Congratulate our Principal on his retirement

A journey that started five years ago came to an end when, Gordon and wife, Debbie were given a colourful send off, organised in their honour, by the college. It was a potpourri of eulogizing speeches, as the members of staff poured encomiums on the couple. The speakers could not but appreciate their humility, professionalism and unique leadership qualities. 

Part of the programmme was the cutting of a beautiful cake led by the Managing Director of the college, Dr. (Mrs.) C.O Ogunsanya. This was followed by a group photo and subsequent presentation of gifts by the members of staff and the MD. 

The Managing Director traced the events that culminated in the employment of the couple and appreciated their contributions in the area of laying a solid structure for the college.

In an emotion-laden voice, Mr. Stobie expressed his appreciation for the opportunity to serve the college for five years and he spoke of his eagerness to move into his new home, watch his grandson grow and start a degree course.

With a vote of thanks by the Human Resources Manager, what was obviously an exciting Send-Forth party came to an end.

We wish the couple a resounding success in their future endeavours.

By Mr. K. Abrahams

Friday 27 April 2012

Careers Day Report: Banking Sense. What it takes to be a Nigerian banker?

Mr Ogbonna gave Oxbridge TC students an exciting, inspiring and insightful presentation on banking in Nigeria. He formally introduces himself as a manager for Access Bank, and informs student that this presentation is going to be an interactive session. So students should feel free to ask questions at any time.

Mr Ogbonna’s definition of banking?
Any institution offering deposits subject to withdrawal, on demand and making loans of commercial or business nature.

History of banking
Where banks are needed; if there is an economy there is a bank. Any subsistence economy, where everybody produces for themselves will need a bank.

Goldsmiths were the first set of bankers; they mainly kept valuables and running cash for customers.
The genesis of banking can be traced to the development of trading/business activities over the years.

The Oldest bank in the world Coutts and Co, now part of the Royal Bank of Scotland.
First records of banking in Nigeria were in 1892. The first bank in Nigeria was the African Bank Cooperation now aptly known as "First Bank of Nigeria".

Banking regulation in Nigeria
Out of 25 banks in Nigeria only 4 survived during 1952-1958, due to lack of regulation

A Model Banker
  • Is very prudent
  • Pursues a straight forward upright and legitimate business
  • Recognises the associated risks and takes a conservative approach

Miss T. Raji

Careers Day Report: What does it take to be a successful Lawyer?

By Mr Oluwemimo Ogunde (SAN). 

He spoke on the topic : How to be a successful Lawyer. 

He said, a Lawyer must develop a dynamic and receptive mind, this is because of the ever changing nature of life and Laws in every nation. He said the legal profession is always in process of “cooking” because of ever changing laws and culture of every society. Hence a Lawyer must have the mind that is constantly challenged. Lawyers are expected to be a “jack of all trades” concerning Laws governing every sphere of life. Thus, the mind of a Lawyer must be scientific in nature, ready to read and broaden itself.

Mr Ogunde informed the gathering that law courses in Universities from year one to three are broken down into principles. He seized the oppotunity to run through some courses students would take in University.

He ended his speech with three attributes that are required for anyone to be a successful Lawyer. These are: 
  • A mind of volume (a Lawyer is required to read lots diligently and with enthusiasm).
  • The ability to read people and situations in order to pick loopholes in any case presented to him.
  • A Lawyer must be “Mr know all” (knowledge about basics of different professions).

He ended his speech by running through the basic academic requirements for admission into University to read Law. He later anwered questions posed to him by students, these questions span through the difference between solicitors and attoney, requirements to be a SAN to mention a few.

It was indeed an educative and inspiring session. Our sincere thanks to Mr Oluwemimo Ogunde for contributing to the success of our careers day.

Mr. A. Odunuyi 
Teacher at Oxbridge Tutorial College

Tuesday 24 April 2012

Oxbridge Careers Day, a students perspective by Adeyemi Adeola

It was Friday, the 20th of April, 2012. Probably every other normal day in a company or school, but it was a totally different day for Oxbridge Tutorial College. It was her Career’s Day event; the first of its kind in Oxbridge and it was indeed an extraordinary day.

The event kicked off at about 1:50pm exactly with the opening prayer, which was said by Mr. Demola Odunniyi. A few minutes later, the Managing Director of the school, Dr. Ogunsanya came to give her welcome speech. She stated how excited she was about this event being held for the first time in Oxbridge and how she wanted all students to avail themselves of the golden opportunity. She thereafter introduced all the speakers for the day. These speakers were chosen from different fields of human endeavour based on students general preference:

Mrs Yinka Ogunde; the lady behind Edumark, the popular education consulting firm, was the first speaker of the day. She studied Mass Communication in the University, changing initially from being an arts student. However, she developed a passion for the Education sector and so she followed it. She gave four recipes for success:

  • Choose to be different; make wise choices.
  • Apply wisdom in every aspect of your life.
  • Be determined and focused.
  • Avoid carelessness
  • Shun waywardness.
These are words no discerning student should forget. She also mentioned her daughter being an ex-oxbridge student. This, of course, brought smiles to everybody’s faces.

Mr O.A.R Ogunde (SAN) [Law] is a lawyer. He currently holds the post of the Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice in Ogun state. He spoke to some International Relations students and some other students who had the intention of studying Law in future.

Also, we had Dr (Mrs) Tokunbo Awolowo –Dosunmu (Medicine), the daughters of the highly respected sage, Chief Obafemi Awolowo, who had the opportunity of speaking to students interested in pursuing career in Medicine, being an experienced medical doctor herself. She also runs the Obafemi Awolowo Foundation in Nigeria.

Following suit was Mrs Bolaji Agbelusi (Aeronautic Engineering): First official mum pilot in Nigeria! She is the first female captain to have a child and return back to work. Isn’t that impressive? She studied Versatile Aviation in the University of Oklahoma. I got to take her on tour of Oxbridge as a Student Representative Council member and I asked her a few question. My first was why she chose such as course; because this course is not popular amongst females. Her response was that she liked it and she had a flare for it; moreover, she grew up living around military men who were also pilots and so by the age of 7, she had made up her mind to become a pilot. She also said she was not scared on her first flight and that every pilot needs to avoid a fearful mindset because terrible cases may arise; she spoke on terrible weather conditions and plane crashes. But the ability to think differently makes a good pilot. Well, I guess that is why she is so successful.

Mr Roosevelt Ogbonna (Banking & Finance): he is currently working as the Managing Director of Access Bank, Nigeria. He studied Banking & Finance in the University of Nigeria, Nsukka for 4 years and then, he proceeded to Harvard Business School for a further degree in Finance. He holds a prominent place in his work place. He was very inspiring. Not only the way he dressed, but the way he answered questions and joked; he showed a lot of insight into the banking industry. He made a statement about this new legislation that is being implemented in all banks now which requires “40% of female workers being in a banking sector and about 30% being in the board team”. It is safe to say the banking sector in Nigeria is changing for the better.

Mr Tony Chukwueke (Petroleum Engineering): Who has worked with prestigious people in the society such as former President Olusegun Obasanjo, also worked in Shell for over 35 years and is now retired. Although his daughter was getting married the following day he made the decision to still attend the event; this beyond any doubt deserved a lot of respect. He enlightened the students that anybody could go into the Oil and Gas industry even if they did not study Petroleum Engineering. In further pursuit of his enviable career, he first studied Physics at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka and when he did not get a job, he went back to school and studied Applied Geo-Physics, so as to have an understanding of oil in the ground. He later got a job as an Applied Geo-Physicist in Shell Petroleum, where he worked for 6 years. He returned to school to study Economics; another aspect that can be used in the Oil and Gas industry. He retired from Shell after 27 years at the age of 53. The tips he gave to attaining a successful career were:

  • Giving a positive attitude to work.
  • Being a specialist or perfectionist in your work area.
  • Be a genius!
Welcome to the glamorous world of Mrs Ayotomi Rotimi (Fashion Designing)! She initially studied Business Administration, but later decided to pursue Fashion Design, as it was her first love. Dressed elegantly in an Ankara dress, she talked about how Fashion Design should not be only a female vocation. Men too, if there is a passion for it, should pursue it. She also talked about how Fashion Design is not all about passion, but requires a lot more. “Watching fashion channels and liking clothes and being able to dress well does not guarantee that you can be a fashion designer”, she corrected. It requires a lot of drive and focus.

Mr Papa Omotayo (Architecture): who is one of the architects that designed the present Oxbridge Tutorial College building and is the brain behind other mind boggling designs in Central Business District of Lagos. He also had an interactive session with students interested in Architecture.

Mr Taiwo Grillo (IT/Creative Arts/Media studies): studied Mass Communication in the University of Hertfordshire and also has a master’s degree in Marketing. He is currently one of the brains behind White Chapel & Partners (WCP),a marketing communication firm here in Lagos, which provides a blend of leadership, problem solving and value creation solutions.

This was a fun-filled and remarkable day; a day that would be remembered in the history of Oxbridge. F. Scott Fitzgerald once said, “No decent career was ever founded on a public”. Choose the career that best fits you and work with it. Have you chosen your future career?

-Adeyemi Adeola


Sunday 22 April 2012

My Greatest Fear

Fear is an unpleasant, often strong emotion caused by anticipation or awareness of danger. Fear is something that everyone has to deal with. FEAR, some motivational gurus have made an acronym out as, False Evidence Appearing Real. Some live lives devoid of joy, happiness, and pleasure, but not one escapes the experience of fear and fear’s companion, pain. We are born in fear and pain. Our lives are profoundly shaped by it; it is an utterly unavoidable emotion. The extent and range of fears varies from person to person, but the emotion is the same. Everyone has his fears and has to face the challenge of overcoming those fears.

At different stages in life, one is faced with different fears. The moment you overcome one, another comes up. This article is about my present and greatest fear, the fear of university life. University has been something I always dreamt about and knowing my dream is about to become a reality is something I should be happy about. To be honest, I’m very happy that I’m going to university, but the fear of university life still remains in me.

I never thought there would be a time when I would make crucial decisions all by myself, but then I know at the university I will be left with no option but to make these decisions. This is something I have always avoided and knowing that there would be no way I could avoid taking decisions, makes me shiver. Well it’s not just about taking decisions, it’s about taking the right decision that would be beneficial to me.

Taking decisions isn’t my only fear. Being far from my parents is worth a thought. Although I’m not the type of person who sucks up to mum and dad. Surprisingly, I have lived away from my parents for almost six years (when I say "away", I mean in the same country and state). Sadly my proposed university is nowhere near my country or my state, so I will be very far away from my parents for four years.

To conclude I believe fears can always be overcome and with the help of God I will overcome my fears and have a smooth university life.

Adeola Salami


Saturday 21 April 2012

OTC Careers Day

Our first dedicated careers day was a huge success!

We had a great selection of guest speakers, the format worked perfectly and the students got the most out of the day. Over the coming days I'll be posting more specifics on the day itself. I'll also be posting material, such as presentations by speakers and key points of interest for students hoping to work in a particular industry, but for now a big WELL DONE to everyone involved. Here are a few pictures to share the experience of the day.

Our MD escorting some of the guest speakers to the OTC Careers Day Opening Session.

Some of our students eagerly awaiting the start of their careers day.

Fashion Guru Mrs. Tomi Rotimi of Xclamations conversing with students after the Opening Session.

Mrs. Awolowo-Dosunmu speaking to OTC students about the challenges ahead in their quest to become successful, well-balanced adults.

 Lastly we all wish our students the very best in their upcoming exams!

Friday 20 April 2012

We're now a Cambridge ESOL exam centre!

As of yesterday, after an arduous assessment process, we are Nigeria's very first non government Cambridge ESOL centre!

It is now a requirement for students with a C grade or lower in English Language to attain an IELTS, TOEFL or ESOL qualification.

Thursday 19 April 2012

Get the most out of your day!

One the eve before our first dedicated careers day at Oxbridge Tutorial College I've been in a reflective mood.

The whole school has been working hard over the past few weeks to make sure that the day is as productive and enjoyable as possible for the students and other participants. The guests have all confirmed they're participation, catering is in place, the rooms are all set up.

To help prepare the students I've googled some tips on how to make the most of your day. A lot of these tips apply to many areas in life so even if you're not a student at Oxbridge read on and see how you could apply them. Should you follow them all as if they were a step-by-step guide? Not at all. Take the tips that will apply to you, and give them a shot.

1. Purpose your day. This is my most important rule. I start out each day by listing the three things I most want to accomplish today. What do you want to achieve at the careers day?

2. Start off great. Create a morning routine that will allow you to greet the day and get off to a great start. Your morning routine will vary from mine, but the important thing is to think about how you can create the best start to your day. Design your morning. And then try to make it a routine. Some ideas could be exercise, eating a healthy breakfast, enjoying the sunrise, doing meditation or prayer, doing some writing, or getting an important task done.

3. Focus on a goal. Another important thing to do is to focus on your current main goal. I don’t mean your goal for today, but your goal for this year (or some other longer-term period). The mistake a lot of people make is having too many goals, which spreads their focus and effectiveness. I’ve found that having just one goal at a time makes you much more effective and much more likely to accomplish it. The other mistake people make is not focusing on that goal (or goals) each day. Make it a part of your morning routine to decide what you’re going to do today to further your One Goal.

4. Make an appointment with yourself. When we schedule a meeting with someone else, most of us block that time off so that no other tasks can interrupt it. That’s a sacred block of time that cannot be violated by a bunch of other things. Well, do the same thing for yourself. Schedule a block of time (preferrably in the morning, before things get crazy) when you’re going to do one of your Most Important Tasks, or a task to further your One Goal. Then don’t allow that appointment to be violated by anything else.

5. Avoid interruptions. When you need to get something done, shut off email, don’t take phone calls, and don’t allow others to drop in on you for impromptu meetings. This applies to when you make an appointment with yourself (see the above tip), but also at other times of the day when you’re trying to get work done.

6. Focus on the important. We have a tendency to try to tackle all the tasks that come our way, or all the tasks on our to-do lists, or all the requests that come in via email. It’s not possible, first of all, to get everything done that comes our way, and second, that’s probably not how we want to spend our day. It’s crucial that you identify the most important tasks and projects, the ones that will give you the most long-term benefit, and focus on those. Setting three MITs for today (see Tip 1) is one way to do that, of course, but this tip is really a change in mindset: identify the most important things, and forget about the unimportant. Sure, you won’t get everything done, but you will get the important stuff done, and that is a huge difference.

7. Review your day. At the end of every day, spend a few minutes looking back on what you did, what went wrong, what you can improve on, and what you will do differently. Review your One Goal, and the progress (or lack thereof) you’ve made on it. No day is perfect, but you should learn from mistakes and celebrate successes. A journal would be a great way to capitalize best on this daily review.

Good luck tomorrow!

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