Monday 25 February 2013

Oxbridge on Flickr!

Our students have been busy!! Check out their photo stream of various Oxbridge events:

The page you land on shows the recent “Character Counts” event hosted at the college. Super job :-)

Oxbridge on Flickr!

Monday 18 February 2013

Happy Birthday February Students!

Happy birthday to:

Onafowokan Ayomidipupo, Faizah Oyeleke, Tiwa Olowu, Obayelu Eniola and Mohammed Oyefuga :-)


Happy Birthday February Students!

Friday 15 February 2013

Principal's thoughts on the Oxbridge NCUK Fair

During the recent NCUK Team visit to the college, the principal of the College, Carol Scott- McHale who joined the college in May 2012, was kind enough to share her thoughts on the NCUK programme as she spoke to Oxpress reporter, Farida Kadiri


Has the IFY programme made Oxbridge Tutorial College a more desirable school?
Yes, the IFY programme has been an asset to the school. Other competing schools running the IFY programme boast as they are deemed to have more partnered universities ,but their programmes are not formally accredited by the NCUK nor are they moderated by the official examination board.  The fact that Oxbridge is administered by the NCUK makes it a more desirable school for students wishing to do the IFY.

Do you believe that IFY students have higher chances of success compared to the A-Level programme?
Yes, due to the fact that the IFY programme is modular and the exams are easily accessible. The programme suits the type of student that enjoys continuous assessment as opposed to one final determining examination. Additionally, the content is enjoyable and exposes the students to a diverse and broadened awareness of their studies.

When advising parents, do you prompt them more towards the IFY programme?
No. One first needs to examine the student’s individual needs and performances in order to determine which programme would be better suited for him/her. It all truly depends on the career path chosen by the student. For example, the IFY does not include a medical pathway. So for those wanting to study Medicine, they would have to opt for the A-level programme.

Since you have been here, have you been impressed with the quality of the services offered by the NCUK, and are there any features of the collaboration you would like to improve upon?
I am absolutely pleased with the quality of the services presented by the NCUK. There is not much that requires improvements. However, we do hope on getting more prestigious universities on board, giving the students more choices. Other than that, I am very happy.

Do you think Oxbridge will continue to collaborate with the NCUK?
Absolutely. We expect  this collaboration to persist for many more years to come.

Your parting shot Ma?

All one can say is that the Northern Consortium Universities (NCUK) College fair was a tremendous success. Both students and parents benefited from it. The NCUK is doing a marvellous job at catering for the academic needs of the students here at Oxbridge Tutorial College and hopefully they will continue to do so.




Principal's thoughts on the Oxbridge NCUK Fair

Monday 11 February 2013

Let's talk about SEX!

Earlier this week, during the tutorial session of Wednesday February 6th, the students at Oxbridge Tutorial College were lectured on the dangers of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). The school management felt it necessary to educate young people such as ourselves on this particular topic as we are within the age group most concerned by it. Due to the delicacy of the subject, girls and boys were separated and thus given their respective presentations. The key speaker for the girls’ presentation was the school’s nurse, while the college male doctor took charge of the boys.


An important feature in the presentation was the descriptions of several of the popular symptoms. If one is aware of the symptoms the different diseases may have, they can readily detect it and receive immediate treatment. Though, this can be a difficult task, especially for young women due to the fact that women are carriers. With numerous illnesses, even when infected, little to no symptoms will appear leading one to be deceived in thinking that she is healthy. For that, it is critical and strongly advised that a young women be tested regularly. Constant checkups are required as evidence of the illness might not show up on the first attempt. Detection at an early stage is preferable as the consequences such illnesses pose on one’s life are traumatic. Breakdown of the immune system, infertility and miscarriage are only few of the possible impacts. In the worst case scenario, such infections may lead to death.



The speakers ended the presentation with the subject of prevention, as prevention in the best cure when it comes to these types of situations. The method principally highlighted throughout the presentation was that of abstinence. If one is prevented from exposure to the illness, infection will be highly unlikely. The idea of abstinence till marriage is a concept strongly supported by African society for many reasons. Nevertheless, the nurse went on to describe how condoms, both male and female, could be used as a method of prevention for those who are not supporters of abstinence.

The reality is that young people from all over are engaging themselves more and more in sexual intercourse. For that, it is useful to inform them on the methods available to prevent the spread of STDs.


In all, the discussion was effective in presenting the topic of sexually transmitted diseases to students of Oxbridge Tutorial College. The students, both girls and boys, appeared to have positive responses to what they had heard. Much was gained, and hopefully these presentations will aid them in making future life decisions.

Faridat Kadiri




Let's talk about SEX!

Saturday 9 February 2013

UK GCSE Curriculum, exam and accountability reform


Changes are underway in the UK education sector. Yesterday the Department of Education announced sweeping changes to GCSE’s. The result:

“With sharper accountability, a more ambitious curriculum and world class qualifications, I believe we can create an education system which can compete with the best in the world – a system which gives every young person, regardless of background, the high quality education, high aspirations and high achievement they need and deserve.”

Click here to read the full Department of Education press release for GCSE reform in the UK.


UK GCSE Curriculum, exam and accountability reform

Wednesday 6 February 2013

NCUK Fair @ Oxbridge Monday 11th Feb 2013


Monday 11th Feb starting at 4:30pm we’re hosting the Northern Consortium Universities Fair at Oxbridge College.

The fair will be hosted by key members of the NCUK team along with delegates from the NCUK Partner Universities.

Who are the NCUK Partner Universities?

University of Bradford

University of Huddersfield

Leeds Metropolitan University

University of Leeds

Liverpool John Moores University

University of Liverpool

The University of Manchester

Manchester Metropolitan University

University of Salford

Sheffield Hallam University

University of Sheffield

If you’re considering undertaking a programme at one of the NCUK Partner Universities then this fair is a must!

For more information please contact Mr. Oye Ojo on 0802 133 2170 or

NCUK Fair @ Oxbridge Monday 11th Feb 2013

Tuesday 5 February 2013

Oxbridge Achieves COBIS membership!


As of yesterday Oxbridge has been granted COBIS membership! The first sixth form college in Nigeria!

Why is this is a big deal?

COBIS ensures quality. Not local, but internationally recognised quality.

Stay tuned :-)

Oxbridge Achieves COBIS membership!

Monday 4 February 2013

Oxbridge students donate to HIV patients

Thursday 31st of January 2013, students from Oxbridge Tutorial College, Lagos, were given the opportunity to render a visit to AIDS patients at the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital (LUTH). The school has had a long-term partnership with the hospital for over ten years now. The partnership involves a yearly donation to the hospital consisting of funds and provisions such as medications and alimentation on  behalf of all students at the college. The college has equally participated in sponsoring certain developments projects at the hospital, for instance the construction of a mother’s ward room.
The funds were obtained through donations from members of the Oxbridge family (parents/students/teachers/etc).  Although, the primary source of the donated funds remains the sales of World AIDS Day t-shirts.


Upon the students’ arrival at the hospital, they were welcomed by doctors and matrons who led them to a room full of AIDS patients. Here, the students witnessed how deceiving the illness can be as they stood before a room full of ordinary looking people, encouraging the idea that AIDS victims are no less human than ever one else. The doctors took turns speaking to the students expressing their appreciation for the donated funds and care shown. The extent of their gratitude showed just how rare occasions like this take place. The first speaker stated that not enough people in Nigeria care to participate in community  service, even the government fails to take sufficient actions to provide care for AIDS victims.  Finally, a few prayers were said for the AIDS patients at the hospital fighting for their health, the doctors and members of staff dedicated to saving people lives and finally the students and teachers who showed support towards this honourable cause.


Both students and patients posed for a few memorable pictures, and the visit was concluded with a tour of the maternity ward where the students were taken around the various blocks of the intensive care unit. There, they got to see prematurely born babies and receive a clear understanding on the delicacy of their condition.

All in all, the visit to the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital was a unique experience for these college students. It broadened their perspective on the illness and the effects it holds on society. Hopefully, this tradition will be maintained for many more years to come.

Faridat Kadiri


Oxbridge students donate to HIV patients