Monday, 15 October 2012


He clearly stands shoulder high above most of his classmates, considering his towering 6-feet height. With a gentle smile that curls round his lips, it wouldn't be a surprise that he has quite a lot of admirers among his classmates. This is not the only quality that gave him the award. He surely is a responsible guy who takes integrity seriously. Welcome to the world of Jaiyeola Olatunde Oguntoyinbo, the September, 2012 Responsibility Award Winner.

Born in Nigeria, Jaiyeola just finished from Summerset School, UK and he is currently in the college AS Science Bellerby Medical Programme. The son of a lawyer, Jaiye sees his uncle who is a surgeon as his role –model. According to him ‘My uncle has achieved so much at a young age and considering his exploits in the medical field, he is definitely one person I look up to’’.

On the award, Jaiye made this comment: ‘I am proud of this award and I want to believe that it confirms my belief to always want to do the right thing at the right time’.

His best food is jollof rice and chicken and basketball is his favourite sport ;-)

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