Saturday, 8 March 2014

Academic Review Day @ OTC

The college had its first Academic Review Day for the academic session 2013/2014 on the 15th of February 2014. This is a time usually set aside for parents and the teachers to meet and review their academic progress of our students.

From the huge turnout of parents, it is evident that they are truly passionate about the educational wellbeing of their children. The programme started from the college Reception where the parents registered and were also served a questionnaire. Mr.Oye Ojo,was also in attendance to take enquiries.

The parents later moved straight to the college expansive hall, where they had a session with the college principal, Ms. Carol Scott who acquainted  them with the general progress of the college as it pertains to the academic state of the students. Issues such as  Importance of Academic Review, Attendance and Punctuality of Students, Introduction of Key Skills Classes, Graduation Ball Date, Mock Examination, Progress on Intervention Classes, Feedback  and AP1 Forms, NCUK Fair, Bradford University Engineering Trip etc. were discussed.

About  60 parents were in  attendance and they  had the ample opportunity to ask questions and raise various issues that pertain to the welfare of their children. By 11a.m, parents moved to the various classes allocated for different subjects, where they were able to interact one-on-one with their children’s teachers. Most students were around as well. It was truly a rewarding time for all stakeholders.We hope more parents would avail themselves this opportunity in our next Academic Review Day.


Academic Review Day @ OTC

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