Friday, 8 March 2013

Grange school visits Oxbridge.

As part of the college initiative of inviting schools to have a taste of life at Oxbridge College,on Thursday 07 March 2013, students from Grange school, Ikeja, visited Oxbridge Tutorial College. They were taken around the school by the student representative council otherwise known as the SRC.



The Grange students were shown all the classrooms in the school, including the science laboratories i.e. the biology, physics and chemistry labs. The SRC members talked to them and answered their questions. They told them about the events that take place at OTC. The students were introduced to all the teachers they met in the various classes they visited and they were told which subject was being taught in each of the classes they visited.

They were also taken to the male/female locker room, computer lab and the library as they were shown the school. Some of the students sat in some of the lessons and observed how the teachers taught their respective students and how the students in question interacted with each other and their teacher.



 As the tour was being concluded, the female hostel representative took them to the female boarding hostel which is on the top floor of the school building. The tour finally concluded in the school multi-purpose hall where the students had lunch before they left the school premises to return to their school. It was a nice experience and we won’t mind having them over for another function :-)

Thank you for coming!



Grange school visits Oxbridge.

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